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Our Background

Beckside was founded in 2012 and started with our dementia sessions and mental health sessions.

We have 30 years of occupational therapy experience behind us. This is key to making sure that everyday is filled with meaningful and structured activities that are tailored to benefit every individual and their abilities. Our groups are kept small which allows us to focus on everybody's individual needs and aspirations.

Our Setting

Our farm stretches over 25 acres of rolling Derbyshire countryside and provides a peaceful getaway.


We are home to a herd of Alpaca, rescue battery Hens, Horses, Pygmy Goats and Shetland Sheep, along with plenty of other residential wildlife, providing the ideal place for visitors to reap the health and wellbeing benefits of working with animals and nature.

Our Customers

We offer support for lots of different groups, including...

People with learning disabilities,

People on the autistic spectrum,

People with mental health conditions,

People with special educational needs,

Men- We offer a Countrymen Club for isolated lonely men with a range of health conditions.



We strive to create an environment which supports people to overcome their personal barriers that get in the way of doing the things they enjoy the most in life. 

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