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We have teamed up with Countrymen Uk to offer a group specifically for men. Whether you are retired or had to give up work for health reasons, our group is a great way to get outdoors and stay active. There are activities for everyone to get involved with, no matter what your ability may be, including horticulture and farming. Our group is a great way to meet other, like-minded men with many stories and skills to share.


What is Countrymen Uk?

Countrymen Uk groups around the country deal with a range of men with different health conditions including: anxiety, stroke, Parkinsons, dementia, depression, respiratory and lung conditions, isolation and loneliness, bipolar disorder, injuries, heart disease, PTSD, arthritis pain and cancer. We also participate in the Countrymen UK Network and participate in the Countrymen Uk Monitoring and Evaluation project which is carried out by the University of Essex.

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